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What does Wild Willett mean?

The creation of this company was inspired my own three children. The word Willett is a mash up of Scarlett, Lilly and Will 😀

What is Wild Willett jerky made of?

Our jerky is made from the leanest cuts of beef that is sweetened mostly with fruit and honey. We use only the freshest (and the fewest!) ingredients to create the best product for our customers.

Does Wild Willett jerky contain any fillers or preservatives?

Our jerky does NOT include any fillers or preservatives. They contain whole foods, fresh ingredients and natural flavors that result in a tasty and nutritious snack.

Are there any health benefits to Wild Willett jerky?

The jerky is much more nutritionally dense compared to other common snacks like granola bars, yogurt and veggie chips. They have less sugar and more protein per ounce.

Is Wild Willett food allergy friendly?

Our jerky is made without any of the following common allergens: egg, dairy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts or shellfish. We take great care to avoid contamination, however, our products are manufactured in a facility that does process some of these ingredients.

Additional questions?

We love hearing from our customers! Reach out to us anytime with questions, concerns or just to say hello! Our customer contact is For wholesale inquiries please email

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Reach out to us at any time, or just say hello!


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