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Why aren’t more protein-packed snacks worth savoring?

We thrive on protein. It keeps us energized, satisfied, and feeling fuller, longer. But have you ever tasted a truly great jerky (or checked out the label)? We believed we could do better. Wild Willett jerky gives you the high-protein fuel you need with less sugar, lower sodium, and more fun flavor.

Created by a mom and her wild crew.

Like most moms, Catherine Nguyen is always on the go. As she’s making meals, going to sports practices with her kids, volunteering, and squeezing in her own sweat sessions, all-day energy is essential.

In a quest to find healthy, protein-packed snacks that her foodie family could love, Catherine created Wild Willett in her own kitchen. Hundreds of recipe tweaks and family taste tests later, her better-for-you snacks are now available in seven delicious flavors.

Wild Willett is named after Catherine’s 3 children, Will, Lilly, and Scarlett, who required Mom to triple her energy (luckily, they also triple the fun).

Enjoy it with wild abandon.

Seven flavors. That’s one to power you through every day of the week.